Semalt Expert Conveys Crucial Information About Mirai Botnet Attack

Dyn is one of the top-ranked companies that controls a good number of the domain name system was hit by Mirai botnet bringing down more than 100,000 online firms. According to reports made out by Dyn company, Mirai botnet attack was one of a kind as it had an attack strength amounting to 1.2Tbps.

Andrew Dyhan, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, states that Mirai botnet attacks are fatal as compared to distributed denial of service attacks. DDoS attacks entirely depend on bombarding a particular network with unreal traffic until it crashes. According to a recent blog post published by Dyn, Mirai botnet was generated through the internet of things (IoT) gadgets such as DVR players and digital cameras.

How do botnet works?

Apart from being involved in an attack that hit Dyn, Mirai botnet was also linked with an attack that hit an information security blog, 'Krebs on Security,' ran by Brian Krebs, one of the former Washington Post authors. According to the release made by Brian Krebs, the attack that hit his information security blog had an attack strength of 665Gbps.

Recent posts made by David Fidler, the principal executive for cybersecurity at the Board on Foreign Affairs, implied that the distributed denial of service attack that hit Dyn went on record as it also brought down top sites such as Netflix, the Guardian, CNN, Twitter, and Reddit. Mirai botnet mostly affected sites based in Europe and the United States.

Fidler, a cybersecurity specialist, made a report regarding the Dyn's attack, where Fidler stated that he could not recall a cyber-attack with an attack strength of more than 700Gbps. David Fidler also added that organizations and firms had a serious problem regarding the security of 'Internet of Things' gadgets, where there was not a better solution proposed to combat the attack like the one left Dyn, a victim of cyber-attack.

According to a recent report released by cybersecurity experts and government agencies, Dyn was made vulnerable by the insecurity problem facing IoT. Currently, an investigation conducted by Dyn network solutions is ongoing, where the company stated that Mirai botnet was the largest cyber security attack disrupting internet and bringing down major websites based in the US and Europe.

Joe Weiss, the senior executive offering cybersecurity applied solutions and a journalist who writes on electronic threats, also made remarks regarding Mirai botnet malicious threat. According to Weiss, Mirai botnet is considered as a game changer in the cyber security industry, as it is difficult to predict the new form of attack to be conducted by Mirai botnet.

Joe Weiss also implied that distributed denial of service attack starts as a particularly-based attack and changes into new-form of attacks. Weiss concluded by stating that Mirai botnet is the kind of attacks that can leave any company a victim of cyber-attack. According to him, working on how to combat botnets is the only solution that can protect computer control systems from being a victim of electronic threats. Consider being vigilant and analyze where most of your traffic comes from to avoid being taken down by botnets.